Saturday, 6 May 2017

Way Of The Cross - Not Your Typical Religious Film

Way Of The Cross is an upcoming psychological thriller film that is based on the 14 station of the cross. One of the director Antonio Diaz shares on the press conference that Way of the Cross is going to be a controversial film when it comes out, not controversial in an anti religion way, but controversial, on how the religion played in the screenplay and how it progressed through the end.  Script was rewritten  from an American perspective. The first, second and third act had to follow a Hollywood formula standard. They rewrite the script to make more the film become international. They also made the film character driven so that every single person acted in this film had a significant voice in the movie.

When ask about the significance of the film, director Gorio Vicuna said that the essence of the film is about faith which caters not only the religious market like European country but also the other countries embracing their own religion. When they read the first draft of the script they got excited on how a film could be made based on the station of the cross with colorful and disturbed characters that we all can relate to.

Set against a small religious town in the Philippines, "WAY OF THE CROSS" follows Rogelio "Rogue" Marquez ( Anthony Diaz V), a Las Vegas based Filipino American FBI agent, whose estranged father living in the Philippines, is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Rogue travels to the Philippines to visit his dying father and half sister in Manila. A string of murders occur during holy week celebrations in the nearby town of San Antonio that send waves of terror among the local town people, and stuns the NBI and its top agent. Rogue's curiosity and FBI instincts lure him into a dark cat and mouse world of religious abstracts as he attempts to uncover the motivation behind these murders in hopes to solve the mystery.

The film stars Anthony Diaz V, Alvin Anson, Rafael Rosell, Daina Menezes, Roxanne Barcelo, Miguel Vasquez, Isay Alvarez, Jordan Castillo. Directed by  Antonio Diaz and Gorio Vicuna. Way Of The Cross will be shown in cinemas this 2017.

Anthony Diaz V stars Ways of the Cross

The Stars of Ways of the Cross with Directors Antonio Diaz and Gorio Vicuna

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