Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Jodi Sta. Maria and Xian Lim At The Crossroads Of Life For The Film Dear Other Self

Jodi Sta. Maria and Xian Lim reveal on the  bloggers' conference of Dear Other Self their other choice of career if they are not in entertainment industry. Jodi would like to be a doctor or a flight attendant same with the career of her mother while Xian would like to be psychologist or a basketball player in which that is one of the reason why he migrated here in the Philippines. The two also give advice for those people trapped at the crossroads of their life in choosing what path they would like to take and tell if they have plans of pursuing their second choice of career.

Jodi Sta. Maria returns to the big screen as she stars opposite Xian Lim and Joseph Marco in Dear Other Self. Directed by Veronica Velasco and with script that she co-wrote with Jinky Laurel, Dear Other Self marks the much awaited comeback of Velasco's and Laurel's highly impressive writing tandem since Star Cinema distributed Tuhog in 2013, which Velasco also directed under Skylight Films.

Dear Other Self is centered on Becky (Sta. Maria) who is torn between living a predictable life of responsibility and embarking on a carefree journey of fun and adventure. Unbeknownst to Becky is the possibility that her life could follow different paths depending on how she would respond to a day filled with a series of unfortunate events.

This cutting-edge film aims to present the a narrative on the life of Becky that explores her varying responses to different events that may lead to different experiences, relationships, and the proverbial "what ifs."

In the process, Becky encouters her love interests who are two polar opposite characters - Henry (Lim) and Cris (Marco). Henry is adventurous and lives for the moment while Chris is a dependable boy next door. Ultimately, Becky is faced with the decision of choosing between her personal happiness and the happiness of the people around her.

Dear Other Self is a very relatable and light-hearted material that highlights the impressive acting prowess of its lead cast. Another exciting aspect of the movie is the fact that it is partially shot against the picturesque backdrop of  Thailand.

 Dear Other Self hits cinemas nationwide starting May 17.


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