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JoshLia and Kris Aquino collaborate for the very first time in I Love You, Hater

Star Cinema continues the grand celebration of its 25th anniversary in the business with the upcoming release of I Love You, Hater starring Kris Aquino, Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto.

Directed By Giselle Andres  and co-written by Rona Co and Kristine Gabriel, I Love You, Hater is a wholesome romantic comedy for the whole family as it tells a story that shows the value of love and  dreams, of family and self-worth, and ultimately accepting the love that we all truly deserve.

The movie is centered on Sasha (Aquino) Joko (Carcia) and Zoey (Barretto). Joko is probinsyano who desperately needs to raise money after being conned by an illegal recruiter. When a white lie gets blownout of proportion, Joko finds himself working for online media mogul Sasha where he must pretend to be gay to compte with his crush Zoey. In the process, as Joko and Zoey work together the lines between friends and rivals; between being gay and being straight; and between dreams and romance are tested to its limits.

It should be noted that I Love You, Hater is an exciting and fresh take on the rom-com genre that the entire country adores as this is the very first mainstream film collaboration of Kris, Joshua, Julia and directector Giselle Andres.

I Love You, Hater marks the much awaited and highly anticipated grand comeback of the top endorser & Queen of All Media Kris Aquino to mainstream cinema. As Sasha, Kris portrays a no non-sense character who advocates the truth and authenticity. Sasha embodies the the accomplished woamn-the ultimate, self made lady boss whose power emanates from her commitment to hard work and loyalty. Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto on the other hand, join forces once again with their unbeatable and highly bankable JoshLia love team. Both Joshua and Julia are considered as good role models among today's youth and parents across the nation see them as ideal children.

Joshua and Julia first collaborated in the 2016 teen romantic film Vince, Kath and James, and this was followed by the critically acclaimed and commercially successful romantic comedies Love You To The Stars and Back and Unexpectedly Yours, which were both shown in 2017. I Love You, Hater is Joshua's and Julia fourth movie together.

Individually both Joshua and Julia are very accomplished young actors with their impressive bodies of work. On television, Joshua made a splash in superb performance in 2016's The Greatest Love and a standout role in recently concluded primetime series The Good Son.

Julia delivered unforgettable performances in a number of ABS-CBN top rating series such as A Love To Last, where she showcased her versatility as an actress. For her performance in 2017's Love You To The Stars and Back and Unexpectedly Yours, Julia was honored as Most Promising Movie Actress of the Year in the 48th Box Office Entertainment Awards.

Up and coming film director Giselle Andresa, who is one of Star Cinema's most talented and brilliant homegrown directors, expertly navigates the fascinating world of Saha, Joko and Zoey. Andres started as a production designer who eventually directed her first full-length Loving In Tandem in 2017-which also the debut film of teen idols Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber.

Aside from being romantic-comedy I Love You, Hater also offer a relevant insight on social media. The movie shows how important truth really is as it could be blurred and altered through social media. As two dreamers vying for their dream job, could it be possible for Joko and Zoey to fall in love to each other despite being rivals? Are they meant to hate each other or fall in love with each other ? Will hate get in their way of the live's of the movie characters or will love win in the end? Find out all the answers in I Love You, Hater.

 I Love You, Hater is showing in cinemas nationwide starting July 11.


Alora Sasam, Kat Galang, Joshua Garcia, Julia ABrretto, Kris Aquino, Director Giselle Andres, Writer Kristin Gabriel, Mark Neumann

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