Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Coming Soon on Cinemalaya 2013: Nuwebe

Synopsis of the Film

Inspired by the actual story of one of the youngest mothers in Philippine history, “Siyam” follows the story of Krista who at the tender age of 9 got pregnant from the sexual abuse perpetrated by her own father. Her story is complex. Krista refuses to see herself as a victim. With an almost documentary style, “Siyam” follows Krista’s story as she demonstrates a level of resilience uncommon for her age. Her mother, on the other hand, is torn between her love for her child and her love for her husband.

Starring: Nadine Samonte, Jake Cuenca, and Barbara Miguel
Also Starring: Ms. Anita Linda, Manny Castaneda, and Rosanna Roces
Written and Directed by : Joseph Israel Laban  


  1. the pics on the upper left, and the one with Topel Lee in a river on the upper right are from Babagwa :)

    1. Sorry Direk, Na edit ko na po ule :)