Wednesday 12 November 2014

Movie Review: Red

The better the storyteller, the more people believe. 

RED, a shy orphan who grew up in a girly bar, is the town’s best fixer. He can get everyone out of trouble but is about to get himself into a situation he couldn’t “fix” himself out of. 

A rich kid is gunned down in a drug bust that went wrong and 8M worth of drugs is missing. Hired by the rich socialite- Art, Red fixes the mess but gets framed for it as Art turns on him.

Loosely based on real people and real events, RED is about the power of storytelling. This happens in the province of Negros where everyone knows everyone and a single story can be magnified into different versions of the truth.

An action thriller that sticks in the mind thanks to deft pacing and a vividly paranoid premise. This is a film that's not very pleasant to see. But it's a valuable document that you will certainly remember. You feel that when you watch this film you’re following a journey of a good person involved in a complicated situation and in love with his girlfriend. Just be warned that watch out for every scene of the film especially on the first part because it’s really have a fast pacing that sometimes hard to catch up. Nevertheless I enjoy watching this film seeing Jericho Rosales with his Bacolod accent and nuances showcasing his in depth acting that will surely give him recognition from the film critic. I also enjoy the characters of Nico Antonio and JM Rodriguez that surely will give you a remarkable performance. Bonus for me is cameo of the very elusive actress Mylene Dizon. She is damned hot sexy woman. Of course Mercedes Cabral is also to watch for in this film especially the love story of Mai and Red. Their love story is much grounded and heartwarming. Watch out for their final scene as it will surely break your heart. Their story is the heart of the film and softens the toughness of the film. I would like to commend the editing, cinematography, theme song and musical scoring of the film. I can say that this film is a much needed genre to add on our mainstream flick. This film depicts the realities of life and not what you would like to see.

My Verdict:  4/5


  1. Jericho Rosales is a very good actor and he does justice to his role complete with Ilonggo accent but I personally didn't like this film, The characters are so negative you simply don't care about them.and have no empathy for them. Who cares about fixers? My companion saw the trailer and he said he was encouraged to see the film because of the arresting trailer. However, the film does not live up to it's trailer. It is another example of the trailer being better than the entire film. Definitely not a good follow up to Alagwa last year.

  2. The film pretty much impressed me in a way that it talked about very real subjects like Fixers and Girlie Bar Dancers. I love the way it was told - like it's just a normal story and yet it was heightened to something like a legend due to the storyteller's ability in telling it to a very common audience. It's a deep piece and I like how it makes me think a lot about my life and how cool or dreadful it will be if told by another person. In conclusion, just imagine a very bland, uninteresting and boring life being told by a master storyteller? Bacolod...I'd like to go there sometime in the future. Nice movie this one.

  3. Thanks for your work it really help me :)